Mineral Intelligence Director Appointed

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey (XES), a fast growing geological survey organisation, announces the appointment of Yzen as Mineral Intelligence Director. He will be responsible for providing insights into the latest market trends for all mineral-based commodities as well as guiding company prospecting activities, to determine the most probable locations for profitable extraction activities.

With a wealth of experience in the area of interstellar exploration, Yzen is also a recognised leader in the field of data analysis. His expertise will help Xenosystems achieve the most financially rewarding outcomes, by answering the most fundamental questions of “what to mine” and “where.”

Yzen’s first steps will involve building and maintaining our Mineral Assets Database along with K0I0S, our Mineral Property Assets Director. The insights they can provide from completing this task will be instrumental in defining company strategy in the medium and long terms.

The Xenosystems founders, The Librarian and Kal Torvallen, released the following statement: “We are very excited to have Yzen join the team. His capacity for analytical problem solving and strategic thinking will be a real asset to the business. We’re looking forward to working with him.”


Information about the company:

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey provides a complete range of mineral extraction solutions to its partners and clients, based on its successes with data-driven prospecting. This includes the sale of mineral property assets, contract mining and refining, as well as the building of industrial outposts.

Known for its innovations, long-term strategic thinking and professionalism, the company embodies continuous-improvement practices and is extremely committed to the atmosphere it creates for its members. 

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