Xenosystems Exploration & Survey is a star citizen organization made by players and for players. Star Citizen is a video game by Cloud Imperium Games currently playable in Alpha and is rumoured to possibly maybe be fully released someday at some point in the very distant future. You can sign up for the game here.

It derives from the Greek Xenos: stranger, foreign, alien. Xenosystems Exploration & Survey thus stands for the exploration & survey of alien space systems

We specialise in the discovery and extraction of resources, while also being involved in their refinement and sale. We are also heavily invested in land claim. You can learn more on our About page.

It is a diamond formed of four other diamonds, representing the four pillars of XES: people, fun, being casual (“real life first”), and team play. To find out more, click here. Although similar to a logo found on ArcCorp, the Xenosystems logo predates it and is more elongated.

“He who controls the Spice controls the Universe”

We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from very talented artists, and in some cases we’ve imitated their work (whilst adding a Star Citizen twist) because we love it so much.

An example of this is our cover art, where we’ve copied Tom Anders Watkins’ winning entry from the Adobe Creative Jam, November 2014, called Conquer your fears. More info on the art and the artist can be found here.

Another example is where we’ve done the same with some of our posters, but this time taking inspiration from NASA/JPL-Caltech’s “Visions of the Future” series. The full collection of amazing artwork can be found here. The best thing about them is that they are all public domain so you can use it as you wish. That said, look up the original artists, credited on each image link on their site. Very talented people.

Where we copy works of others, we only do so out of love and admiration. Unless otherwise permitted, we only take inspiration with permission and with no commercial gain.

If you have any questions, please get in touch here.

We are not interested in promoting your items or your shop on our social media, nor can we sell you anything that we share even if we wanted to. Most of what we share is property of Cloud Imperium Games that we share with permission and we are not willing nor allowed to make money out of it.

If your content is directly from Star Citizen, we are very much open to discuss promoting it (fan artwork, screenshots, etc) and no we’re not going to take a dime for it wtf, just PM @xenosystems on any social media of your choice.

You can find all the information related to this topic here.

Yes, we have members from all over the world, mostly from the U.S. and the E.U.

By design and by necessity, Xenosystems is aimed at more mature people who have jobs or families, which means that our approach to the game is more casual and that “real life first” is a golden rule.

No, we do not actively seek roleplay. We don’t discourage it either.

Keeping in mind our size and that most of our members are adults with lives and less free time than teenagers, we’re very happy with our current level of activity, especially compared to some of the larger organizations.

It’s awesome. You don’t have to take our word for it, come to Discord and ask other members yourself.

We strongly prefer candidates with a certain level of maturity and some sense of humour.

We care about people not ships. We have plenty of large ships that need captains and crew. We don’t want people to crew large ships only. What we want is for everyone to be able to hold any position they want, be it the captain or the engineer, or whatever. We will definitely be happy to help you earn a larger one of your own.

We care about people not ships. Having fancy large ships won’t help you get accepted. At all. It’s who you are that will help you get accepted.

Sure, if that’s what you want there is always something to do. Open positions are advertised on the Careers page, there are also plenty of projects going on in the background or waiting on someone like you to get them started. Initiative is always welcome. If you prefer to sit on a beach while sipping a cold drink that’s fine too.

There are two founders, Kal Torvallen and The Bookfinder. They started this star citizen organization and steer it in the direction of their choice in terms of atmosphere and goals. They provide quick and decisive decisions when needed. There is a group of Directors who provide a solid core to the org and ensure that we reach our goals.

That’s all there is in terms of strict. Nobody is better than somebody else, the org is not authoritarian and you won’t hear 14 years olds bark orders at you, nor anyone barking any orders for that matter. We encourage initiative and we encourage team-based projects to provide the opportunity to everyone to lead even if they do not have as much time.

Being higher in the simple hierarchy doesn’t give you more power nor special rights, it gives you more responsibility.

You can apply on RSI. Please consult our Careers page for more information.

Then join us on Discord.

Please use the Contact page or get in touch directly via Discord.

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