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Our name

Xenosystems is the short version of Xenosystems Exploration and Survey, either can be used interchangably. The tag is [XES].

About Xenosystems

Xenosystems is an international organization created to bring together people that share not only love for the ‘verse but also the same centers of interest, approach, attitude and mindset.

We believe our core values – people, fun, being casual (“real life first”), and team play – help us build a great group of amazing people.

Xenosystems prefers to keep the number of its members manageable enough for everyone to get to know everyone over time and maintain the same atmosphere it had when it was just two friends.



Founded in early 2948 by The Bookfinder and Kal Torvallen, two friends with a carrack as an exploration focused group hoping to walk in the steps of Jean-Luc Picard.

In mid 2948, following more information about exploration gameplay being released and it not being quiete what was expected, the organization decides to expand its operations into resources exploitation and construction which will benefit heavily from exploration. The exploration is no longer about the discovery of the vast universe and is now about supporting industrial operations.

In late 2948, the property site is lauched, first in the verse and replacing the initial website. It is part of the forward looking, long term thinking approach of the organization. While the current offerings are still placeholders, the day where people from around the verse will be able to use it draws ever closer.

The Star Citizen Star Systems Database is also created as an answer to both the organization needs and the demand of the community for such data.

As the organization grows, the first overview document is published with the aim to crystalize the structure, aims and functioning of the organization.

In early 2949, the new logo is officially unveiled as the organization continues to grows and more quality members join the directors. The year is mostly spent on polishing things and seeking to make the org as self-reliant as possible.

In early 2950, the founders finally officially announce that they are stepping down from leadership for real life reasons and are passing on the reins to a member chosen from amongst the directors.

The Star Citizen resources page is created, initially to fulfill the organization members need for data during discussions but also to help promote community creations and archive them.


Xenosystems members having fun during a casual gaming session.

Logos black and white

We always pair our organization name with our diamond logo.

Our colours. We use hexes x and x


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