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The Organisations We Work With

The Citizen’s Coffee Company, got its start on Earth as a chain of coffee shop and bar hybrids during humanities initial expansion into space. CCC locations seemed to follow the space industry wherever large companies would set up manufacturing plants, often being the first place to go after a shift to meet up with co workers and associates. The #1 voted supplier of coffee in the verse, CCC has also created a professional network of affiliates, comprised of hundreds of organisations, where job contracts can be shared and agreed between interested parties, without requiring any involvement of the Coffee Company, itself.
The Unified Armistice Association pursues diplomatic means to resolve and maintain the partnerships, trade agreements, and contracts between numerous organizations. Their objective is to always maintain peaceful relations and good communication to the fullest of their abilities. UNARAS also helps to provide humanitarian aid efforts to those in medical need, stranded without fuel, those suffering with out food and supplies, search and rescue, assistance to those who are new to space travel, and much more.