An explosive finish at the Daymar Rally

Screenshot by Mr. Hasgaha After months of planning, Daymar Rally 2952 by Atmo Esports has been concluded. Of over 30 teams, Xenosystems finished 24th with a time of 1:54:33 in the Bike Division. Unfortunately, criminals managed to infiltrate the race on the final approach to the finish line and destroyed the defenceless Dragonfly. However, the [...]

CitizenCon Meetup

Hello everyone, With CitizenCon 2021 being a virtual event this year, and the COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed, we're looking at meet up in October. Whilst we know we have a diverse geographical spread of members, we are looking right now at hosting a trip to Alton Tower Theme Park in the UK. There are several [...]

Featured in Cosmonaut Magazine

We’re excited to share that we’ve been featured in Cosmonaut Magazine. In this interview by Souvarine, our CEO Heatproofsean presents a general view of our organization and touches upon some of our particularities. “Xenosystems Exploration and Survey is a relatively young organisation, but has grown quickly with its clear mission and arresting Spectrum presence.”says the […]

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