An explosive finish at the Daymar Rally

Screenshot by Mr. Hasgaha

After months of planning, Daymar Rally 2952 by Atmo Esports has been concluded. Of over 30 teams, Xenosystems finished 24th with a time of 1:54:33 in the Bike Division. Unfortunately, criminals managed to infiltrate the race on the final approach to the finish line and destroyed the defenceless Dragonfly. However, the two-crew team did well for their first attempt at the race, and a big thanks to our members who showed up and supported them.

The race started at Shubin Mining Facility, with the first checkpoint taking the team to Edger Flats. This was a particularly unforgiving leg of the race: from frequent valleys ending with a boulder field, careful attention was needed to navigate. After clearing the checkpoint, the team continued to the 400km+ leg. It was here the Dragonfly fuel injector malfunctioned from the heat causing a misfire, ultimately causing the vehicle to explode mid-air in a fiery ball of shrapnel. The rider was recovered but rendered unable to continue.

After quickly landing, the support pilot set off in one of the spare Dragonfly. Unguided, they managed to slowly close the gap of the pack leaders across the beautiful sandy dunes. And after navigating the monstrous gorges and boulder fields the size of Nova Tanks, they made their way to the final checkpoint. It was only when the vehicles radar warning went off, did the rider spot the hostile on the sensors. Unfortunately, the missile and strafing run proved no match and Xenosystems were declared out of the race to many spectators disappointment.

Next year, we are looking to field another team to race and recommend the experience to anyone new or familiar to Daymar as the views and journey are simply unparalleled.

You can find the full results below:

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