Recruiting for Stardust Magazine

Stardust Magazine is looking for freelance journalists to join its talented team in Star Citizen. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to work on articles, helping to uncover original stories and presenting alternative perspectives on the Verse, and a chance to create and build a fresh, engaging and innovative magazine.

Some space travel might be required.

What we are looking for:

  • Someone who likes to write
  • Someone who understands Stardust Magazine concept and is excited about our RP content approach
  • A good enough writer, with good grammar and spelling skills, who can tell a story in a way that the audience will engage with it
  • Ability to take on constructive criticism and use it to improve the article
  • The candidate can generate great content ideas without being prompted
  • Someone who can work unsupervised, but be a part of the team
  • Speaking Xi’an, Banu or Vanduul is helpful but not required
  • A sense of humour

What we are not looking for:

  • Drama
  • “Alternative facts”


  • Writing various articles of your own choice or selected among proposed ones
  • Producing news for our audiences across the ‘verse


  • Good english spelling and grammar
  • A text editor




You can work from home.

You will be working with somewhat interesting, talented and fun people.

Stardust Magazine is the child of Xenosystems Publications, a Xenosystems division. Its content is specifically tailored to Star Citizen players. We seek to tell untold stories, report on everything that makes up the Verse and dig out the content so often missed by those who cannot travel across space. We pride ourselves on quality design. The first issue is in the works.

How to apply:

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