April 2018

Recruiting for Stardust Magazine

Stardust Magazine is looking for freelance journalists to join its talented team in Star Citizen. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to work on articles, helping to uncover original stories and presenting alternative perspectives on the Verse, and a chance to create and build a fresh, engaging and innovative magazine. Some space travel might be required.

Mineral Properties Director Appointed

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey (XES), a fast growing geological organisation announced today the appointment of K0I0S as Mineral Property Assets Director. This comes ahead of Xenosystems’ highly-anticipated major recruitment campaign, which is expected to bolster the company’s ranks with the best industry professionals the ‘Verse has to offer.

Now Affiliated With CITCCO

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey (XES) has joined a business network provided by the Citizen’s Coffee Company (CCC, CitCCo) as an affiliated organisation. This association opens up the ability for XES to post and seek contracts on the CCC job boards, which are viewed and used by hundreds of other registered businesses. XES management regards CCC’s framework as a fantastic tool to foster growth between like-minded businesses and individuals.

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