Now Affiliated With CITCCO

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey (XES) has joined a business network provided by the Citizen’s Coffee Company (CCC, CitCCo) as an affiliated organisation. This association opens up the ability for XES to post and seek contracts on the CCC job boards, which are viewed and used by hundreds of other registered businesses. XES management regards CCC’s framework as a fantastic tool to foster growth between like-minded businesses and individuals.


Information about the companies:

The Citizen’s Coffee Company, got its start on Earth as a chain of coffee shop and bar hybrids during humanities initial expansion into space. CCC locations seemed to follow the space industry wherever large companies would set up manufacturing plants, often being the first place to go after a shift to meet up with co workers and associates. The #1 voted supplier of coffee in the verse, CCC has also created a professional network of affiliates, comprised of hundreds of organisations, where job contracts can be shared and agreed between interested parties, without requiring any involvement of the Coffee Company, itself. For more information please click here.

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey provides a complete range of mineral extraction solutions to its partners and clients, based on its successes with data-driven prospecting. This includes the sale of mineral property assets, contract mining and refining, as well as the building of industrial outposts.

Known for its innovations, long-term strategic thinking and professionalism, the company embodies continuous-improvement practices and is extremely committed to the atmosphere it creates for its members. 

For more information on business activities, please click here. For more information about career opportunities with Xenosystems, click here.

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