New Atmospheric Elements Found on Lyria

While it lacks the crystalline litter found on Wala, Lyria may host even more valuable resources to those brave enough to work in a potentially corrosive atmosphere.

One of the ways Xenosystems has distinguished itself from other orgs has been through maintaining the XES Star Database. Freely available to the public, it combines data from the Ark Star Map and what’s collected from ‘boots-on-the-ground’ exploration.

While it’s still a work in progress – just like the Star Citizen universe that it represents – the act of maintaining this store of information provides insight into development and the roadmap ahead.

Today, the database yielded another discovery about 3.5 and ArcCorp’s moon, Lyria:

Lyria introduces two new atmospheric elements – water vapor and anhydrous ammonia. This is particularly interesting because ammonia is both toxic and corrosive, and since we know corrosive atmospheres will eventually be introduced to Star Citizen, Lyria sets the stage for a corrosive game mechanic.

“To make smart business decisions we need facts – data,” says K0I0S, Director of Xenosystems Property Assets. “Xenosystems doesn’t wait for someone else to provide that data to us. So we go out, we compile all of this data, and we stumble upon emergent discoveries like this.”

“Most explorers want the excitement and prestige of discovering a new star system or making first contact. I’m just trying to understand the ‘Verse.”

Xenosystems has updated the XES Star Database to reflect the new data and is dispatching exploration teams to further study the Stanton system for business opportunities.


Information about the company:

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey provides a complete range of mineral extraction solutions to its partners and clients, based on its successes with data-driven prospecting. This includes the sale of mineral property assets, contract mining and refining, as well as the building of industrial outposts.

Known for its innovations, long-term strategic thinking and professionalism, the company embodies continuous-improvement practices and is extremely committed to the atmosphere it creates for its members. 

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