XES Looking Ahead

Recently incorporated and in the nascent stages of growing its ranks, Xenosystems Exploration & Survey aims to become the leading supplier of geological survey and mineral property asset management in the ‘verse.

It will be a long journey going forward, but we’re confident in our abilities and we will meet the challenges head on with passion and drive.

We’ve set aggressive targets to enable robust and sustainable growth in the coming years. The first phase of our formation is now complete and we’re moving into the recruitment stage. While our directors push to grow our ranks and capabilities, discussions are taking place with other leading providers with a view to securing lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships for the business.

The transition into our training and organisational phase will overlap with our current priorities as our membership grows, but our target is to have a workforce fully conversant with our procedures and processes within the first full year of operations.

As new technologies and mechanics are introduced into the marketplace, we will adapt and respond accordingly, maintaining strength in innovation to retain our place at the forefront of the mineral extraction industry.

Considering the petagrams of dust we’ll be creating from our prospecting operations, our future is bright. We hope you’ll join us in our adventure.




The Founders of Xenosystems Exploration & Survey

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