The Man Behind UNARAS

As part of our ongoing commitment to foster cooperation in the Star Citizen community, we are introducing a collection of interviews featuring key players in the ‘Verse. Through this series you’ll gain insights into various Star Citizen organisations and groups, tips and tricks to make your own mark in the galaxy, and more…

In our first episode, we’re thrilled to welcome our first guest, Brewen Shaw, from the Unified Armistice Association.

Host: Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, with us today is Brewen Shaw, Elected Leader and High Lord of the Unified Armistice Association, an organisation where profit is not the bottom line. Humanitarian interests are major part of their DNA and their activities appear to be tailored to promote peace and foster a sense of community among the stars.

Brewen, thank you for joining us.

Guest: Pleasure to be here.

Could you tell us about the structure of your organisation and what it is you do on a day to day basis?

Yeah, absolutely. As far as structure, like many orgs out there, we have a council that oversees the overall direction in which we are attempting to grow. From there we divide into four different, distinct divisions. Our largest and most important is our Altruistic Division, which is our humanitarian aid outreach. That actually divides into a lot of smaller groups, anything from medical aid, search and rescue, helping refuel, helping repair people’s ship who might be caught in a situation they don’t want to be in. We also do food growth to try and help those in need, the starving and hungry, and supply any other needs that a planet or area in poverty need.

Beyond that, other divisions, we’ve got a Diplomacy Division, spreading the word about what it is we do, trying to find other orgs that are interested in backing that kind of work. We have an Arbitration Unit which is our security. They only protect our personal assets. They aren’t a rent-a-cop. They don’t go and help out other orgs, necessarily, as far as security. They just try and keep our own assets protected. And, finally, we have an Aerozenith Division, which is a VIP transport division helping the rich and famous from A to B, across the verse. They know what they’re doing is helping the humanitarian efforts we’re putting forth. So, after that it’s just members who can sign up and come and go as they want and fill in. So that’s an overview of our structure.

What made you bring UNARAS into existence?

It started as just a way for a few friends and I to build something together in the ‘verse. We started off as diplomacy first then humanitarian aid. We quickly realized that we had our goals backwards. There are plenty of successful diplomacy and networking orgs, out there, and we wanted to find a kind of niche that hadn’t been done a whole lot, yet, and realised that humanitarian aid was our calling.

As far as the of Role Play side of it, I did not bring UNARAS into existence. I am actually the third to be nominated into power. The first High Lord created it just over 14 years ago, built on caring and compassion for humanity that was suffering, but it lacked guidance and structure. Everyone just trying to help one another and protect the citizens of several planets from the hostile actions of several corporations fighting over control and profits.

What is unique about your organisation?

Come and Go as you please, if you have an hour one week and you want to stop by it’s awesome, if you have 4-6 hours during the day that’s great too, we are willing to take everyone that’s willing to help. Main and Affiliates welcomed, but we are not just an in game humanitarian aid org. There have been numerous examples of our members not being just humanitarian in-game but in real life as well, one example actually is that my own father had a motorcycle accident a little while back and several members just stepped forward to offer assistance and help out with his kind of need. And he’s not even a member of the game. Another example is the hurricane hit down in the golf half a year ago and a member’s house was pretty much destroyed and once again several members step in forward asking how they could help.

We are not unique in the sense we are a humanitarian aid organization. There is plenty of other charitable groups out there trying hard to offer whatever they can to those in need. However, we do have a great many ways we are able to help back the great many projects that we are accomplishing. As i mentioned earlier, we own a large VIP transport business flying some very rich and famous celebrities to their destinations. We work hand in hand with a great many organizations and corporations to get the funding and assistance that is needed. Groups such as yourselves XES, Jump Accord, Astora Protocol, IDAI, IVL… a lot more. I wish I could name them all, but you surely get the idea.

What are your responsibilities as the org leader?

I write and lead monthly meetings. I try and help with the monthly newsletter, i write at least one article there every month, usually more like two or three.  I often push recruitment. I spend a lot of time talking with our members getting to know what they want to do and how our org can best help them reach their goals. I oversee the different divisions this organisation has and help them set their goals. Beyond that I get the opportunity to talk with other organisations to see who we can be mutually beneficial to one another. I occasionally get to sit down, relax, and have interviews.

You know that list makes it sound easy, but I promise there is a great deal more paperwork that is in there that can take anywhere from a couple hours to many hours each week to complete.

To what do you attribute the success of your organisation?

Our success is solely due to the determination, ideals, and loyalty of our members. They are the ones who have made this organisation. I might have set it up but it wouldn’t be anywhere without them. There really is no one characteristic, one person, who’s responsible. It has been the constant flow of ideas from our members that has allowed us to be what we are. Of course we are not always able to implement every last idea, but there isn’t a single idea that we don’t look into and see if it is something that could help improve the way we are doing things.

How many people are part of your organisation?

We currently stand in the 240’s range, that puts us into the top 100 organisations.

What do you look for in your members?

The positive side about this type of organisation that we try to run here is almost anyone is welcomed. Clearly we try to avoid those involved in criminal acts. However if you are here and you want to help those in need, we welcome you. There have been a few instances throughout the ‘verse where we have had to work with groups that some may not see as reputable, but when it’s their homeland and their families lives that are at risk, it will bring people of all walks of life together to get through it. Of course, There have been a few instances where members personal lives have been cause for us to separate ways, but it has seldom been an issue.

What are your organisation’s goals for the coming years?

The first High Lord was all about the creation of the org. The second High Lord was Structure, all about setting up the rules and determining the best ways for the org to run. I would love to see growth and nurturing, being there to help as many as we can the best we can. Be that medical supplies, educational supplies for schools in economic hardship, shelters for those struck by disaster. I want the ‘verse to see that we are here and we will always do everything in our power to lift up those in need.

Have you ever turned down a client? If So, why?

There are occasionally times we feel we have to decline certain requests. Situations were the job intel did not support the situation. Maybe if It is in an active war zone so we can’t get in there do a whole lot. On occasion we had situations were required resources were simply not available to give the help needed. Sometimes somebody needs help in an area that’s way beyond our reach. However in a lot of those situations we do have a network of other groups that we do communicate with and let those needs be known to groups groups that are hopefully in range and able to get in and do the job that’s necessary.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in the verse?

Stop by and get to know us a little bit, because even if we’re not the org you’re looking for, we aim to hand out “‘verse bags” with some extra gear to help get you on your way. If you have a career you are interested in, we have a  large list of organisations that we work with we and would be happy to introduce you to, that way you can get in and do something you are interested in. Groups that are growing and supporting their members. That way you don’t sign up and realise it’s a dead group that’s not doing anything.


What do you fly as your daily run-about and why?

I own an 85X and a sabre. They are both amazing machines. However one perk that I never get tired of though, is for work, I get to use an Origin 600 or occasionally even an Origin 890 Jump. Makes me feel like I own a planet.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I would just like to say how much I appreciate this opportunity to sit with you and share what UNARAS is all about.

The pleasure’s all ours. Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our interview with Brewen Shaw of the Unified Armistice Association. If you’d like to find out more about his organisation, his contact details will be included in the article information. This is Kal Torvallen signing out, until next time, when we explore the background of another of our partner orgs.

Information about the company:

The Unified Armistice Association pursues diplomatic means to resolve and maintain the partnerships, trade agreements, and contracts between numerous organizations. Their objective is to always maintain peaceful relations and good communication to the fullest of their abilities. UNARAS also helps to provide humanitarian aid efforts to those in medical need, stranded without fuel, those suffering with out food and supplies, search and rescue, assistance to those who are new to space travel, and much more. For more information please click here.

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