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Featured in Cosmonaut Magazine

Featured in Cosmonaut Magazine

We’re excited to share that we’ve been featured in Cosmonaut Magazine. In this interview by Souvarine, our CEO Heatproofsean presents a general view of our organization and touches upon some of our particularities.

“Xenosystems Exploration and Survey is a relatively young organisation, but has grown quickly with its clear mission and arresting Spectrum presence.”says the magazine.

In addition to the interview, read also about the advocacy and understanding the Xi’an, along with a beginners guide to ship weapons and to the Hornet. There are stunning illustrations to embellish the magazine. The interview is on pages 16-18.

Cosmonaut Magazine is a free monthly online magazine for Star Citizen made by the community. The team of writers, photographers, artists, and designers aim to create the most incisive coverage, spectacular photography, and arresting design in the ‘verse.

You can read the interview here for desktop, or here for mobile.

We deeply appreciate the hard work from the team, the time taken, and the recognition.

Thank you Cosmonaut Magazine.

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