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Security Director Appointed

Security Director Appointed

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey (XES), a fast growing geological survey organisation, announces the appointment of 3quin0x as Security Director. While the business does not have an extensive internal security department (minimal assets are in place to provide a degree of flexibility and responsiveness) Xenosystems has a burgeoning network of external security providers who supply the company with all the escort and protection services required. 3quni0x will be responsible for developing security protocols and managing both internal resources and relevant external relationships.

With a successful history of director-level positions under his belt, 3quin0x’s experience and analytical mind provide the perfect balance required to guarantee the safety of our staff and property assets.

3quin0x will begin by organizing joint exercises with existing security partners and by developing new and existing relationships to ensure training and procedures are disseminated across our internal and external workforces.

The Xenosystems founders, The Librarian and Kal Torvallen, released the following statement: “We are very excited to have 3quin0x join the team. His natural leadership qualities and thoughtful approach to the development of new-starters will be of real value to the company. We’re looking forward to working with him.”


Information about the company:

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey provides a complete range of mineral extraction solutions to its partners and clients, based on its successes with data-driven prospecting. This includes the sale of mineral property assets, contract mining and refining, as well as the building of industrial outposts.

Known for its innovations, long-term strategic thinking and professionalism, the company embodies continuous-improvement practices and is extremely committed to the atmosphere it creates for its members. 

For more information on business activities, please click here. For more information about career opportunities with Xenosystems, click here.

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