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Transmission from ArmorEx RSTA Commander: Scientists at Hicke’s Research station on Cellin reported seeing a Starfarer with heavy damage flying from the direction of Ashburn Aid Shelter towards Hicke’s. Ship was observed making an emergency landing and suffered heavy damage. Hacked seismic monitors in the area and have visual confirmation on stolen ship. Marshal Quinn is believed to be on board and alive. Request info be shared with CCC Affiliates. Need Backup, heavy enemy presence expected.

Timeline for Chapter 1:
(Times are in EST)
Saturday June 8
3:00-3:30pm – General assembly in the discord server. ALL participants must ensure their spawn is set at PO by this time. We will no longer be waiting on individuals to travel to PO.
3:30pm – The 50 player party will be created by 3:30, and we will spawn into a fresh server at this time. Upon loading into the server, Marshal Quinn and everyone on the rescue team will stay in the group. ALL OpFor will leave the group and the OpFor commander will invite their entire team.
NLT 4:00pm – All OpFor and Marshal Quinn have arrived at the crash site. Rescue team has spawned their ships and loaded up according to their plan.
4:00-4:15pm – Grace period allocated for space bugs. If not needed, mission is a go at 4:00pm EST.