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Star Citizen organization xenosystems

The Xenosystems Exploration & Survey logo symbolises our core focus on teams, our desire to play with culturally diverse people, to make new friends from all over the world, to interact authentically with each other  and to engage in teamwork to achieve a common goal, whilst always sharing a good laugh.

It is a diamond formed of four other diamonds, representing the four pillars of XES: people, fun, being casual (“real life first”), and team play. It also references our focus on resources and the quality of game play we can achieve together. And of course what links the diamonds into one is the X of Xenosystems.

Taking inspiration from Korean Chaebols & Japanese Zaibatsus, industrial and financial conglomerates, this new logo reflects our industrial and financial nature.

Equally inspired by the elegant japanese mons, or family crests, it is also a reference to how we see Xenosystems as a family.

The result is a symbol of harmony that now reflects our genuine personality, marking a new chapter in our ongoing evolution.